Alberto Posadas


Composer (b. 1967)

In 1988, Alberto Posadas met the composer Francisco Guerrero, who he considers to be his true master. With him, Posadas explored new forms using cominatory and fractal techniques. His self-determination and quest to include aesthetics in these processes led the composer to seek out other models, notably the transposition of architectural spaces into music, the application of topology techniques and painting, or the exploration of acoustic phenonema on a microscopic level. Posadas has devoted himself to electro-acoustic music, originally self-taught.  Recently, his interest for the implication of movement in the electronic transformation of sound led him to Glossopoeia (2009) with the choreography of Richard Siegal and IRCAM.

  • Alberto Posadas  © Harald Hoffmann / Ed. Durand
    Alberto Posadas © Harald Hoffmann / Ed. Durand

On the Spot : Alberto Posadas

Interview realised by Frank Madlener © IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, 2017

  • On the Spot : Alberto Posadas

Voces Nómadas, Premiere by Alberto Posadas

  • Voces Nómadas, trailer
  • Voces Nómadas: interview of Alberto Posadas