Composition Workshops

The composition workshops let young composers work on specific themes defined by the guest composers. Throughout the work sessions and rehearsals with artists and performers, young composers can take advantage of the experience and advice of guest composers to write and finalize a new work. At the same time, composition classes, analysis and listening sessions, and instrumental classes create new possibilities and shed a different light and on their future creations.

Reading Sessions for Full Orchestra

10 young composers are invited to write a short sketch for orchestra using non-traditional orchestral writing, seeking new concepts of orchestration. After a work session with the composer Toshio Hosokawa, these sketches will be read for 50 minutes each by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France. Prior to these sessions, Toshio Hosokawa will invite the young composers to analyze three emblematic works from the 20th century orchestral repertoire together.

Selected Composers: Boris Bezemer (Netherlands), Rodrigo Bussad (Brazil), Charles Chin Wai Kwong (United Kingdom), Sarah Lianne Lewis (United Kingdom), Kaito Nakahori (Japan), Samuel Penderbayne (Australia/Germany), Sophya Polevaya (United Kingdom), Mischa Tangian (Germany), Lina Tonia (Greece), Elis Vesik (Estonia).

These sessions are closed to the public.

Composition Workshop: Chamber Music (non-conducted)

For this brand-new chamber music workshop, the Spanish composer Alberto Posadas will offer 8 young composers to use emblematic works from the Centre Pompidou’s collection as inspiration. The theme of this workshop is "Music and Painting", the same theme used for a new hanging of the collection's works in June 2017 called L’œil écoute. For a week, the composers will work in-depth on an experimental piece and take advantage of privileged interactions with renowned musicians and advice from Alberto Posadas to complete their pieces.

Selected Composers: Alican Camci (Turkey), Alberto Carretero (Spain), Bára Gísladóttir (Iceland), Chanhee Lim (South Korea), Diego Ramos Rodriguez (Spain), Tina Tallon (United States), Hakan Ulus (Germany), Yiqing Zhu (China).

Composition Workshop: String Quartet With or Without Electronics

Chaya Czernowin and the Diotima quartet offer 5 young composers the opportunity to write a new work for string quartet with or without electronics, limiting the use of accessories and playing styles to explore and test all the instruments and formation's possibilities together.

Selected Composers: Martin Rane Bauck (Norway), Zeynep Toraman (Turkey), Adrien Trybucki (France), Anna-Louise Walton (United States), Julio Zúñiga (Costa Rica).

In Vivo Danse - CAMPING

Following on the success of the In Vivo Danse-CAMPING workshop held in June 2016, the Centre national de la danse and IRCAM have come together again to invite the Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni and his research project « Augusto » that combines choreography and musical performance. With 20 dancers/performers and 4 composers/musicians, the workshop focuses on the creation of a “score” that is both vocal and physical, based on sounds, vibrations, and the movements of a laughing human body. The dancers/performers must be ready to explore their hyper-expressivity using their bodies and voices. The composers/musicians will contribute via the creation of purely electronic music using the sounds produced on stage by the performers (voice processing, motion capture, sonification of the body). Together, they will compose a simple score the performers can interpret on stage with their bodies and voices in a creative process based on experimentation and improvisation.

Selected Composers: Léo Collin (France), Mauricio Loseto Brito (Spain), Stanislav Makovsky (Russia), Leah Reid (United States).