Pierre Nouvel


Video artist and scenographer (born 1981)

Founder of the trans-disciplinary collective Factoid bringing together video artists, musicians, graphic designers, curators, scenographers, Pierre Nouvel works as a scenographer with a broad range of directors (J.-F. Peyret, M. Deutsch, L. Norén, A. Meunier, F. Orsoni, H. Colas, etc.) and orients his reflection towards interactions between the space on stage and images. This approach has pushed him to develop the scenographic aspect of his work, be it for theater, contemporary music, or opera. His work has also been displayed as installations. Pierre Nouvel has presented his work at the Festival d’Avignon (2014), in Aix-en-Provence (2011), at the Gaîté lyrique (2011), at the French Pavilion during the International Exhibit Saragossa (2008), at the Centre Pompidou (2007).