Philippe Manoury


Composer (b. 1952)

Despite his formal training as a pianist and composer, Philippe Manoury maintans that he is self-taught. His music is often associated with mathematical models and this interest led him to IRCAM where he took part in the development of Max alongside Miller Puckette. His research on real-time technologies applied to music is inseparable from his artistic works. His compositions that favor large orchestras and electronic music, have nonetheless addressed all instrumental and vocal genres as well as four operas. Philippe Manoury is currently a composer in residence for the city of Cologne where he is realizing his La Trilogie Köln a series for full orchestra spatialized around the audience. His next lyric work, Kein Licht, will be presented at the Opéra Comique this autumn.

Philippe Manoury has taught at the conservatories in Lyon and Strasbourg and is currently professor emeritus at the University of California San Diego. During the summer of 2015, he was appointed a member of the Arts Academy of Berlin.

Partita II's Excerpt

by Philippe Manoury, with the violonist Hae-Sun Kang, as a part of the Festival Messiaen au pays de la Meije 2012