Philippe Schœller


Composer (b. 1957)

Philippe Schœller studied under Boulez, Donatoni, and Xenakis. His encounters with Lachenmann, Dutilleux, and Carter were decisive. At IRCAM, he worked on sound synthesis to create new musical instrument making techniques in accordance with traditional techniques.

We could describe his style using terms like color, transparence, subtility, but also energy, flexibility, movement, and organic form. His writing—varying from extreamly stripped-down works for solo instruments to works for full orchestra—demonstrates a devotion to detail and a quest for dizziness, seen in his passion for “textural perceptions”: waves, wind blowing through reeds, through forests, the flight of starlings, clouds or galaxies of events of living nature.

  • Philippe Schœller  © Franck Ferville
    Philippe Schœller © Franck Ferville