Interpretation Master Classes

The interpretation master classes juxtapose the 20th century repertoire with recent creations in an effort to break down historical specializations. These classes offer a special look at a selection of reference works of the mixed music repertoire where the element of sound projection is an integral part of the performance.

Interpretation Master Class: String Quartet

The Diotima quartet offers young quartets the opportunity to work on the stunning 4th string quartet with electronics by Jonathan Harvey as well as quartets from the 20th century in connection with the theme "Music and Painting" the same theme used for a new hanging of the collection’s works in June 2017 called L’oeil écoute.

Selected Composers: Adrien Trybucki (France), Julio Zúñiga(Costa Rica), Martin Rane Bauck (Norway), Zeynep Toraman (Turkey), Anna-Louise Walton (United States).
Selected Quartets: Quartetto Maurice (Italy), Airis Quartet (Poland), Quatuor Zerkalo (Belgium).

Interpretation Master Class: Conducted Ensemble

The Swiss composer and conductor, Heinz Holliger, will teach an interpretation master class for the ULYSSES Ensemble with the assistance of the soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain who will work alongside the students as well as perform other works.

The ULYSSES Network project is possible thanks to the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture.

Workshop: Performance for Electroacoustic Music

This workshop offers an intensive, hands-on approach to the performance of electroacoustic music: sound diffusion, controlling the electronics. It is intended for composers, sound engineers, or computer-music designers who wish to gain experience in music preparation in a professional setting. Classes focus on improving technique and logistical skills, rehearsals, and an electroacoustic concert.

Led by the IRCAM teaching team, the workshop is organized in 3 steps:

Classes in a computer room and hands-on workshops in studios: analysis of musical writing of works in connection with electronic writing, setting up materials for a concert, etc.

Rehearsals: experiments with the sound diffusion of works, following and observing the musician’s performance

Mixed music concert given by teams of students: each 2-person team will ensure the performance of the electroacoustic sections of one of the works on the program. This concert is the result of the "Mixed Music Program", an educational program organized in collaboration by the Pôle Sup’93 and IRCAM intended for young performers eager to learn to perform with electronics.

Selected Applicants: Talia Amar (France), Simone Conforti (Swiss), Juan de Dios Magdaleno (Mexico), Maxime Mantovani (France), Clovis McEvoy (New Zealand), Joseph Norman (United States), Alireza Ostovar (Iran), Aaron Smith (United States).